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Reviews: Blood Junkies

In 1993, inspired by the success of US indie features such as El Mariachi, Scottish Writer-Director Bruce Naughton was keen to make a straight to video feature that would also have enough commercial edge to make some money. below are some choice reviews of the film.

The Film Magazine

Although nowadays low-budget feature films are becoming increasingly more common, it could not have been any different back in nineteen ninety-three when Blood Junkies was released. Inspired by Robert Rodriguez’s micro-budget film El Mariachi, released the year before, screenwriter-director Bruce Naughton and friends ganged together to make, perhaps, the most cult film that Scotland has to offer. To really understand the cult nature of Blood Junkies however, one must know its story. Click here for full review

Paul Higson Review

Bruce Naughton's Blood Junkies has built up a short-stack good reputation since its completion but has yet to make it into general circulation. To see the film is to spell out the reasons for its obscurity. It has clearly had a problematic production history as evidenced by variations in the quality of the presentation.


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