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Review Roundup: Night Kaleidoscope

Below are a selection of featured reviews of one Tartan Features early films, Night Kaleidoscope directed by Grant McPhee

The Rotting Zombie

Night Kaleidoscope is so different to much of what I have seen lately, it could be accused of style over substance, for at times it did seem the atmosphere was prized over telling a coherent tale. For me though I loved how cohesive this style was, it may have it's faults but it was spell binding and had some great casting choices. Night Kaleidoscope is out now to watch on Amazon Prime, and has also been released both on region 2 DVD and VHS.

Video Religion

Night Kaleidoscope is a crossfaded journey to Scotland's vampire underground stocked with intoxicated counterculture, hard-boiled cornball crime drama, and dreamlike, dark fantasy. If a 90s Danny Boyle had an acid bender in an abandoned house watching only Martin (1977), The Addiction (1995), and The Hunger (1983), he might make something similar afterward. It is fantastic to look at, while only giving hints about a larger universe of monsters, lingerie, and drugs. There is a lack of explanation that might turn some off, but sometimes you just have to ride out the trip, enjoy the pretty colors, and hope no one bites you.

MJ Simpson Presents

Often I find that I enjoy a film while I’m watching it but then, as I think on it more carefully while drafting a review, I find myself becoming less enamoured. Night Kaleidoscope is the opposite. While watching the film I found myself at times underwhelmed and distracted, but re-evaluating it through the process of writing these 1,700 words or so, I now appreciate it more and have realised that I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I did.


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