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Review Roundup: Where Do We Go From Here?

The quirky heart warming comedy Where Do We Go From Here has enjoyed a successful cinema run in Scotland as well playing at a number of local and international festivals. Part of that success is the film getting lots of reviews. Below are a few notable reviews for the movie.

Eyes on Screen

The filmreally stands outas John McPhail perfectly captures the funny and heart-warming moments between James and his friends, and James and Jen as they gradually fall for each other. Of course, the romance is somewhat inevitable, yet it is a key part of watching James grow from an awkward gangly youth to a mature adult in the space of an hour and 20 minutes. Equally, the musical score is both excellent and memorable, provided by leading actor Tyler Collins.

The People's Movies

The film speaks to it’s audience and is a story that we all want and some have been lucky enough to have had.John Mcphail claims in many Q&As that he is not the romantic type, well this film speaks otherwise. A triumphant and wonderful first feature from a truly talented and humble cast and crew. Charming, funny, sweet and a little crazy Where Do We

Go From Here is a film that I can not recommend enough!

That Was a Bit Mental

You’ll probably think I’m exaggerating when I say Where Do We Go From Here? has an opening five-minute sequence that will wrench your heart in a way that only Up has managed to achieve to this date.

For It's Man's Number

I was impressed by the first ten minutes of Where Do We Go From Here? It's a sequence that shows us the ups and downs of a life almost as effectively as Up (which is a high water mark for such things). Once that was out of the way, the film settled down into what it really was, which is a sweet little comedy drama hoping to make viewers smile as it stitches together various character moments with an overstuffed soundtrack


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