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Review Roundup: Far from the Apple Tree

Far from the Apple Tree, now available to stream on Redemtpion TV has garnered a number of reviews as well as a positive rating on IMDB. The films star, Sorcha Groundsell, went onto star in Netflixs The Innocents. Check out the reviews of the film below.

Modern Horrors

Far From the Apple Tree is simply one of the most authentic horror films I’ve ever seen. What it accomplishes with zero jump scares, virtually no blood, and a minuscule budget is mind-numbing–and it isn’t even finished.

The Rotting Zombie

Far From the Apple Tree conjured a feeling of witnessing a fever dream. This had a very dreamlike and fairytale atmosphere that made watching the film feel quite trippy. For me I wasn't really able to grasp enough threads to be able to formulate a cohesive story in my mind, so my enjoyment suffered.. Still, much like Night Kaleidoscope this was a unique experience, and in the right kind of mood you don't really need anything else.

Toxic Fletch

A relatively small cast delivers good performances throughout. Sorcha Groundsell as Judith immerses herself in her role and likely will be a rising star soon enough. Victoria Liddelle compounds her role as a character who wafts between impassive and receptive. Her character's intent is not for me to tell but for the viewer to decide.I give it a high five!

Dark Eyes of London

Far From the Apple Tree (UK 2019: Dir Grant McPhee) McPhee's first features were his 2013 movie Sarah's Room and 2017's Night Kaleidoscope, both rather arty affairs with elliptical plots. His latest is a little more narratively coherent, old fashioned even, while still maintaining his trademark oddness.

Horror Cult Films

I’m often cynical to a fault when it comes to new releases, but I have to admit the promise of a psychological thriller and a folk horror story combined is a fantastic hook. In an age where most independent chillers are just violent jump scare fests without tact or charm there was something classy about the look of Grant McPhee’s latest directorial effort.


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