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Review Roundup: Teenage Superstars

Check out two reviews of one Tartan Features musical documentaries, Teenage Superstars, directed by Grant McPhee.

Eye for Film

For the quality of its contributions alone Teenage Superstar is to be commended, and there are some real finds in the archive, but in its metaphorical crate-digging it's probably most of interest to those who have rifled through vinyl themselves, searching for that hidden gem. I'm extolling this film's virtues so that it doesn't languish in that kind of obscurity. Seek it out and enjoy.

Louder Than War

It’s a nice touch to have the film narrated by Pixies/Breeders’ guitarist Kim Deal, while former Creation label boss Alan McGhee and Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore provide their own perspectives on the wider impact of Scotland’s indie scene during this particularly fertile period. Teenage Superstars is a vital documentary that vividly explores a golden period for Scottish music.


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