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GSFF2016 Experience- Alison Piper and Stalactites

Hello TF followers - Alison Piper here, I will be blogging for TF all week from the Glasgow Short Film Festival where my first film ‘Stalactites’ is playing in competition. I’ll be writing short reviews, but mainly writing about my experience of being a first time filmmaker at a festival and how it feels to be part of the festival community and to show your work to the public. (I'm scared!)

There’s so much to see. I’m going to prioritise work by Scottish filmmakers so I can better understand what my contemporaries are interested in. But, i’m also very very very excited to watch the international competition where i’m expecting a high standard of work. This afternoon, my partner in crime / AD extraordinaire / festival wife KK and I will begin our GSFF watch-a-thon with International 1, Scottish 1, and then we’ll end the night with the Skinny Short Film award. Festival Goals: 1. To be surprised - to see at least one inspiring / unconventional / weird film that unexpectedly changes my perspective on a subject. 2. To meet more Scottish filmmakers, make some pals and meet potential collaborators. 3. To try and enjoy the screening of my film and to resist the powerful urge to apologise for what i’ve created, or to self deprecate at length because frankly, it’s boring isn’t it? And the GSFF have made it quite clear that they are not on board with boring. Any questions or suggestions about what I should see? Let me know. Got a a friend with a film screening in the festival too, or is your own film screening? I want to meet you! Alison x

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