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GFF 2016 - John McPhail Review 1 - Hail Caesar

Hey Sports fans!

John here, lets talk "Hail Caesar". So the Cohen brothers newest film had its UK Premiere at Glasgow film festival, which is pretty awesome if you are Glasgow film festival and being the opening film kicked it all off with some glitz and glamour. Talking glitz and glamour, The Coen brother weren't there to give Q&A neither was George Clooney, Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, or Josh Brolin, but word of mouth that one of the universal distributors was there. kicking off the festival with a hollywood feel but with no hollywood guests i suppose is kinda ironic, and we love irony in Glasgow. Celebs or no Celebes Glasgow film festival kicked off with a buzz. GFT1 was packed and you could feel the excitement for the festival to kick off. As i sat there, myself, with my free bag of popcorn i turned round and behind me was comic book legend Mark Millar (a hero of mine) and to my right was actor Paul Higgins, i love him in "The thick of it" so already before the film starts I'm buzzing to be there. I can hear you now "Come on John, get to the movie" and you are right, i'll try and do this with No spoilers. Set in the 1950's the film follows Ediie Mannix (Josh Brolin) a Hollywood fixer as he tries to track down kidnaped star Baird Whitlock (Georgie Clooney)... and thats pretty much the story, i mean he has other problems throughout the film and this main story of big star Whitlock being kidnapped by communists starts to just fade into the rest of his problems, which range from watching back dailies, sorting out a father for DeeAnn Moran (Scarlett Johansson). The story is really basic, the rule seems to go - Plot point, set Piece, plot point, set pieces, plot point, plot point, set piece. Don't get me wrong the set pieces are brilliant and really help sell that old pizzazz of the hollywood system in the 50's. There is a incredible synchronised swimming set piece with the moody DeeAnna Moran and i swooned (yes thats right, i swooned). The Navy Tap dancing scene with Channing tatum was also pretty awesome too. One of the things the film dose very well is immerse you in the old hollywood feel, it feels like the 50's it feels like the hollywood system of the years gone past.the humours brilliant, its not a non stop laugh a minute film, but the characters really tickled me and i enjoyed how quirky they all where. in fact there is a hilarious moment with an editor which i won't spoil. If you come into this film looking for a deep and meaningful film about the hollywood system, you've came to the wrong film but if you've came for a film set during and in amongst the 1950's hollywood studio system with cookie character, beautifully designed sets, wonderful set pieces then this won't disappoint... again just don't expect too much story wise. Getting "Hail, Caesar!" as a UK premiere is a bit of a big deal and no mean feat it might not be everyones cup of tea but I personally enjoyed it and feel it was a great film to kick off the festival. Glasgow film festival, although only in its 12 year, has quickly became one of the UKs largest film festivals and securing this film and kicking off with it shows how far its come. John xx

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