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Three for Free charity fundraiser. Stream 'Wigilia', 'Teenage Superstars' and '

Three for Free charity fundraiser.

Stream 'Wigilia', 'Teenage Superstars' and 'Big Gold Dream' for free over Christmas.

Three of our Scottish features are now available to stream for free over the festive period. If you enjoy them we'd very much appreciate if you please make a donation to one of the following charities who do a fantastic job over the period.

The links above will take you straight to the charity homepages where making a donation is a simple and straightforward process. We know Christmas is an expensive time but it can also be a very cold and unpleasant time for some and anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated and hopefully make someone's festive time a little merrier . There's no minimum donation and we are not suggesting one either, all donations are direct to the charities and won't be made public so please give what you can or even offer a little of your time to help.

Have a merry Christmas.

“Big Gold Dream is the everyday story of how a group of disaffected youth in search of the only fun in town went on to change the world. High on theory and with only cheek, cheek bones and cheap guitars to get them through between dole cheques, they took a set of hand-me-down reference points plundered from books, TV and subtitled films, created a scene and transformed it into art.

As was typical of the times, entryism was in and subversion was from within, but like all great movements, it was never going to last. Except everything you hear today, tomorrow and knocked into the middle of next week started here. Indie-Disco, Art-Rock and Difficult Fun are all in the mix. Big Gold Dream is as much about now as then. Featuring contributions from Bob Last, Alan McGee, Peter Hook, Eugene Kelly, Norman Blake, Martyn Ware, Malcom Ross, Douglas Hart and Davy Henderson.

“Wigilia is the name of a Polish feast eaten on Christmas Eve. Traditionally, it includes an extra place at the table should an unknown wandering pilgrim arrive. When Agata, a Polish cleaner stranded in Glasgow for Christmas prepares her Wigilia in a clients house, she could not have expected the pilgrim that would arrive at her table. Nor could she expect everything he'd do for her.”

User reviews:

“A tender and emotionally honest film, about loneliness and companionship. Great central performances, especially from Iwona Glowinska. In this fraught political era, here is a tale of two lonely people from opposite ends of our continent whose difficult pasts bring them together. Really life-affirming.”

“Artistic and slow paced, uplifting. Unexpected meeting brings a second chance in life and hope in humanity.”

“Quirkily funny and very Scottish. My favourite kind of Christmas film.”

“Excellent. The two central performances, music and photography make this. A moving story around a great Polish tradition.”

“Lovely heart felt story, with beautiful music.”

“Fantastic film - will pull at the heart strings!”

Teenage Superstars -

“Teenage Superstars is a 2017 film about the Glasgow independent music scene between 1982 and 1992, focusing on the bands that emerged from in and around the city at this point including The Pastels, BMX Bandits, The Soup Dragons, Teenage Fanclub, The Vaselines, The Jesus and Mary Chain and Primal Scream.”

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