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TF 19 - 'Connect' in The Times

We were delighted that Gillian Furnage from The Times came to our recent Beyond Year Zero event to watch Marilyn Edmond's film 'Connect'. She's written a wonderful article about the film here -

Below is a short extract and a cutting of the original article.

"It might not sound like the cheeriest of subjects. Connect, the debut feature film from Scottish writer and director Marilyn Edmond, 37, is weighted in the themes of mental health and suicide. But far from being a hopelessly bleak drama, the striking film is a call to action to widen the conversation about an often unspoken issue so prevalent in Scotland.Set in the picture-perfect coastal town of North Berwick, and with help and support from locals and across the Scottish film industry, Connect was shot in a mere 15 days and made on a micro budget.The plot centres on Brian — played with heart-breaking subtlety by Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald star Kevin Guthrie — and his struggles with social anxiety and depression and…"

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