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Wigilia - A Alternative Christmas Tale. Full Film to Stream over Christmas


Agata, a Polish woman alone in Glasgow at Christmas time, sets out a wigilia supper in her boss's empty house, complete with the traditional extra place setting for a wondering pilgrim. Unbeknown to her, Robbie, her boss's brother, has decided to stop by for a few days, thinking he'd be alone. Robbie takes up the place of the wondering pilgrim at the table and the pair share the meal, not knowing the impact their encounter would have on each of their lives.

Reviews from Amazon:

""Quirkily funny and very Scottish. My favourite kind of Christmas film.""

"Artistic and slow paced, uplifting. Unexpected meeting brings a second chance in life and hope in humanity."

"A tender and emotionally honest film, about loneliness and companionship. Great central performances, especially from Iwona Glowinska. In this fraught political era, here is a tale of two lonely people from opposite ends of our continent whose difficult pasts bring them together. Really life-affirming."

"Lovely heart felt story, with beautiful music."

"Fantastic film - will pull at the heart strings!"

JJ Murphy, University of Wisconsin-Madison, provided some kind words for the DVD cover - “Graham Drysdale’s debut feature, Wigilia, is a deeply moving portrait of two lonely misfits whose lives are transformed by a chance encounter on Christmas Eve. This improvised cinematic gem succeeds largely through its understated performances and deft and sensitive direction that masterfully allows the inherent magic of the simple story to unfold.”

Free over Christmas. Please donate to Bread over Bombs:

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