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DIY Micro Feature and Short Film Festival

Tartan Features DIY Feature Film Festival

In June 2016, just as Edinburgh International Film Festival had their final day we thought it would be fitting to show Scotland's filmmaking community and public there was an alternative industry - The DIY Filmmaking Industry.

We decided to put on a special event which would celebrate independent filmmaking, a day of DIY features, shorts, Q+A's, talks, panels, networking and music.

The event would be centred around two Tartan Features - Where Do We Go From Here? and Big Gold Dream and the best of Scotland's independent shorts - Scottish Premiere of Anant by Bosnian director Samir Mehanovic, which would later go on to be nominated for a BAFTA. Take Your Partners by Siri Rodnes and Mining Poems or Odes by Callum Rice.

Talks would be with Outlander and Anant Producer Michael Wilson, Q+A with John McPhail, Grant McPhee and journalist Neil Cooper and a Panel discussion on the future of Micro Budget Filmmaking with Lauren Lamarr, Andrew Lannie, Alison Piper and John McPhail

The day would be compared by actor and activist Tam Dean Burn and French Pop with Angus McPake and his Dansette. All for £3

The event was put on by Tartan Features' Lauren Lamarr, Grant McPhee and Alison Piper with help from Helen Whiteley and Pamela Reynolds.

This is the thank you from Lauren on our Facebook Page.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Year Zero Filmmaking event yesterday. We were genuinely thrilled with how well the event went. As cliché'd (and cliches are often good remember) this was completely down to YOU. It's important to stress this is not said lightly. We can bumble through, and with the good tech folk at Govanhill Baths make a program run on time. But for the event to REALLY work we needed like minded people who are passionate about making a change in how independent filmmaking is made and perceived to attend. And everyone who came through the doors was that kind of person. You are what made the event work. We had a line-up of what we think are the most exciting independent films made in Scotland over the last couple of years. Diverse subjects that show the breadth of styles of film. Films made in an equally diverse manner – crowd funded, self funded, even CS funded! But all coming from the same place. The subjects were deep in their representations of race, sexuality, class and gender. The two features films shown were produced by females, one of the shorts was directed by a female. This is what independent cinema in Scotland is about. And this is what we are about. There is a change happening in Scotland - the fact that the event sold out, and that people gave up their early Sunday morning to come to sit in a damp swimming pool (which really is a lovely location) to watch a diverse line-up of films and talks shows that something is happening. We do have to remember thought that 50 miles away the biggest film festival in the UK was taking place concurrently. We do have to stress that we love EIFF – they do great things for Scottish Filmmaking. We are the EIFF fringe. For your voice to be heard by the industry we need to start making some noise. You don't have to mention this event (or if you do, or if you hated the event and want to do your own thing that's as good, honestly). Take to social media, let people know exciting things are happening, that other events are taking place, that good films have been made in an independent context, that YOU are making films, your friends are making films. That independent films are being made in collaboration with the industry. For the independent community to work we all need to act together to let this exciting voice be heard. So talk! We are humbled and delighted by some of the messages we have received. That people have felt welcomed, supported and energised to go out and make films. Go out and make a film! An extra thanks goes out to Michael Wilson, Tam Dean Burn Neil Cooper, Angus McPake, all of our Q&A and Panel participants!

The event was also our manifesto launch, which you can see here:

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