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Year Zero / Tartan Features Eventography

Tartan Features / Year Zero Eventography

Like our films, our events are also given catalogue numbers as a little nod to the Independent Record Labels we take inspiration from.

We thought we'd compile our Event-ography to show what we've been up to over the last few years, outside of just making films.

Well, if you don't promote yourself then who's going to.....DIY....

TFE 1 – Write Shoot Cut / Tartan Features - Sarah's Room Feb 2014

This was our first event, where the influential Write Shoot Cut night decided to branch into screening locally made features – the first being the first Tartan Features film – Sarah's Room.

TFE 2 – Tartan Features 'Introduction to Micro Budget Filmmaking Networking' Event – Filmhouse Sept – 2014.

After the success of the first screening we thought we'd share our vision for DIY features and micro-budget filmmaking: A networking and evangelising event.

Unfortunately most attendees thought we might have some money to give away; the room cleared fairly quickly after they discovered we only wanted to promote the DIY ethos!

Still, as unsuccessful as it was there were friendships made and drinks drunk. TF Panel : Grant McPhee, Neil Rolland, Katie Crook, Olivia Gifford and Craig James Moncur.

TFE 3 – Write Shoot Cut / Tartan Features – 'TF4 Skeletons' Screening at Filmhouse – November 2014

Speaking of Craig James Moncur, our next Write Shoot Cut tie-in screening was his 'TF4 – Skeletons' feature. Which went down very well.

TFE 4 – Write Shoot Cut / Tartan Features – 'TF2 Take it Back and Start all Over Again' Screening at Filmhouse Feb 2015.

Our fourth event was our second film, and third local feature screening – TF2 -TIBASAO by Neil Rolland, which would shortly screen at the East End Film Festival in London.

TFE 5 – Tartan Features Filmmaking Event – CCA – March 2015 TIBASAO

TFE5 was our first venture into Glasgow.

Networking and film screenings, TIBASA's Glasgow premiere and some music videos from Dundee. Hosted by Stuart Cadenhead and Lauren Lamaar who would produce John McPhail's 'TF5 - Where Do We Go From Here?'

TFE 6 – TF Takes over EIFF – TF6 Big Gold Dream Premiere and Big Gold Gig – 2015.

Our next event was given an honourary catalogue number. It was the world Premiere of TF6 – Big Gold Dream at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, where it won the Audience Award for Best Film. The evening event was a commemorative supergroup gig featuring Vic Godard and Faye Fife and valorous musicians from the film. Its year ended being Sight and Sounds 'one of 2015's best films'.

TFE 7 – TF Takes over GFF – 'TF5 – Where Do We Go From Here' Screening at GFT/GFF 2016.

The Glasgow Film Festival Screening of TF5 – Where Do We Go From Here? - Two sold out screenings at the GFT. And another honourary cat number.

(from the Where Do We Go From Here? FB Page)

The success of this film, and the attention would lead John to direct Anna and the Apocalypse. A film which would lead to a genuine Holywood happy ending.

TFE 8 – Micro Budget and DIY Film Festival – Govanhill Baths 2016

This event would be our most ambitious and successful to date. A full day of DIY film-making events and celebrations. Screenings of features – Where Do We Go From Here and Big Gold Dream; shorts – Mining Poems, Anant, Take Your Partners and talks/Q+A's from the filmmakers and Outlander's Michael Wilson, journalist Neil Cooper, a Panel discussion on micro-budget feature and 60s French Pop from DJ Angus McPake with his Dansette! Right in the middle of EIFF2016.

Put on by Alison Piper, Grant McPhee and Lauren Lamaar with help from many friends.

No red carpets, a DIY event for DIY films.

TFE 9 – TF 3 - Wigilia Screening/BMX Bandits and TF Xmas Party – Gmac and Wigilia Night – 2016

We ended our year and spent Christmas with another feature screening. The long awaited TF3 – Wigilia , with a night of Polish food at Mono, film networking and music from Wigilia stars Iwona and Duglas.

TF10 – TF v BBC – Big Gold Dream UK TV Premiere 2017

Another honoury catalogue number to celebrate our BBC screening of Big Gold Dream. DIY bedroom filmmaking to being available nationally on iPlayer. And we will shortly screen another film on BBC. Trainspotting producer Andrew macdonald became a big fan and a contributor to our next film...

TF11 – TF v EIFF – Teenage Superstars Premiere at EIFF and Duglas T Stewart/Eugene Kelly Aftershow. June 2017

(photo by Tim Cairns)

Tired from all the hard work we had an early bath in 2017 and finished up for the summer. We finished our year with the premiere of Teenage Superstars at EIFF with an accoustic gig by Duglas T Stewart from BMX Bandits and Eugene Kelly from The Vaselines.

TF12 – YZ/TF v Parliament...Coming soon.

TF13 – YZ/TF Glasgow Fringe Film Festival TBA

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