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Review - TF8 Night Kaleidoscope - Review by Screamfix

Original articly by Dön Harrisön | Wicked D Wails

Night Kaleidoscope Takes Us Vampire Hunting in Scotland

“Wicked awesome retro feel with a refreshing take on the modern vampire. The only thing sparkly in Night Kaleidoscope is the masterful cinematography. And don’t get me started on the 80s synth-rock soundtrack \m/” – Wicked D | screamfix

Written by Chris Purnell and Megan Gretchen, Night Kaleidoscope is the third feature from Award-Winning Director Grant McPhee and his first foray into the horror genre. The film stars Patrick O’Brien as Fion, a cynical psychic investigator who peddles his gift for anyone willing to pay. With abilities depleting, he must take powerful drugs to induce his visions and track down a pair of vampires terrorizing the cities night population.

Shot on a microbudget in only a week, Night Kaleidoscope transforms Edinburgh’s cobbled backstreets into a dark dreamscape brimming with supernatural menace. A lush, visceral, visual experience that harks back to the Giallo films of the 70s with its bold color palette.

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