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Review - TF8 - Night Kaleidoscope by Infernal Cinema

Original article by James Simpson

Fion, a hardened psychic detective (Patrick O’Brien) is happy to work for the highest bidder. His latest case proves to be his toughest challenge yet when faced with depleting powers – which he tops up by smoking a mysterious psychedelic powder – Fion encounters a mysterious wave of murders across the city’s poor and deprived. With the aid of Isobel (Mariel McAllan) their investigations lead them to enter a world of ancient evil in the form of a beautiful but deadly couple – Carrie and Lewis.

Finally seeing the day of light (no pun intended) Night Kaleidoscope is a sleek and ultra stylish vampire flick that does leave other aspects behind in favour of it’s pursuit of some alluring and eye catching cinema.

Throughout the entirety of Night Kaleidoscope it is loaded with bursts of footage and images that are all disturbing. It overwhelms the viewer when it happens, a bombardment of visions that feel like a wet dream of David Lynch or Cronenberg with plenty of drug use. In a way they are similar to pop videos on music channels, only without the dreadful music. And with images of blood or people being killed.

They are all accompanied by a brooding and engaging score. Matching the imagery the soundtrack enhances the stylized vibe set throughout the entire feature. It creates a vibe that adds to what Night Kaleidoscope is trying to accomplish, namely a low budget horror that is rich in style.

The story, the editing, score, cinematography and other aspects will bring to mind the Jim Jarmusch vampire flick Only Lovers Left Alive (2013). Although at times it does feel like something else is needed to try and match the impressive visuals and style of the movie. The story doesn’t take up much of what is happening. Something is said or set up then the movie carries on with a sequence of those hyper mind-altered bursts of sex, drugs and blood.

Director Grant McPhee has had a lot of roles on a lot of movies in his career. From clapperboard loader to producer and director he has not been afraid to work small or large jobs in television and film. His next feature to be released is Teenage Superstars, a music documentary.

Ultimately Night Kaleidoscope is fantastic to look at but has weaknesses elsewhere that some may not appreciate.

Available now on Amazon Prime, DVD and even good old VHS.

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