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Review - TF8 Night Kaleidoscope by Decay Mag

Original article by Ken Artuz


Vampire films are one of the foundations of Horror cinema. Many versions of this concept have graced both small and big screens. Throughout the years’ writers and directors have sold their own version of these nocturnal deadly creatures. Megan Gretchen and Chris Purnell opted to bring a creative expression to vampires. Filmmaker Grant McPhee took this idea and developed a genre-defining blend of supernatural and psychological Horror.


Night Kaleidoscope is without debate one of the most stunning films in Horror cinema. The way this production conveys horror defies artistry and validates this opinion.





Originality / Redefining


Viewing Experience


Viewing Experience

Intriguing visuals and a lush soundtrack provide a near-perfect formula. A major contributor to the enigmatic art form is the editing. Scenes are not presented with standard grace. Instead, the production offers sliced and layered sequences to tell a story.

Night Kaleidoscope conveys an illusion of a dreamlike progression. This approach to visual storytelling combines the uncanny with creativity. Director Grant McPhee went to great lengths to blend a distorted visual conception of reality and the subconscious. McPhee used unorthodox camera angles to further amplify the unique quality to this film.

Mcphee’s vision gives the impression of an extended music video. The film a captivating soundtrack, period. In fact, the soundscapes become the unofficial narrator in this film. With the limited dialogue from the cast, music guides the viewer from one scene to the next. The electronic soundscape is a combination of thick baselines and retro synths.

The cast did a marvelous job of giving life to their characters. Scenes consisted more on movement than the expression of dialogue. Each performance had a strong and believable on screen chemistry.


McPhee may have created a film a tad difficult to understand. Astute viewers will not have a problem in this arena. Yet for those distracted with ease, it becomes problematical. Developing sequences in the film will be tough to follow. To sum, Night Kaleidoscope requires undivided attention to best savor the narrative. An exchange of dialogue becomes a limited delivery. This also adds confusion to the developing story.

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