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Article : TF5 - 'Where Do We Go From Here?' Lauren Lamarr in UWS Alumni

The UWS have a nice overview of what TF5 Producer Lauren Lamarr has been up to since leaving:

Former UWS Media Studies student, Lauren Lamarr has Produced her first micro-budget feature film ‘Where Do We Go From Here’, with Scottish Indie Company Worrying Drake Productions.

The Romantic Comedy picked up 8 nominations, and won 3 awards at the Sydney Independent Film Festival on the 25th October, including Best Film.

Since leaving UWS, Lauren has produced several short films including double BAFTA Scotland New Talent winner, Lost Serenity, and is currently works in STV Creative as a Junior Producer. Lauren is also promoting the second micro-budget feature film that she has Co-Produced, ‘Con Men’, as well as working with Tartan Features, an open source filmmaking collective/movement/network in Scotland designed to stimulate, encourage, support and develop the production of Micro-Budget Feature Films.

Full article here:

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