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Review : TF1 'Sarah's Room' at Click Flick Review

Click Flick Review have reviewed TF1 - Sarah's Room:

Sharing a room with someone is not easy and especially, if you are a shy person like Joe. Sarah’s Movie is about a couple and a friend who share their apartment. Is all the problem caused by Joe?

Chris Purnell script has a two contrasting sides. The really slow first half and an engaging and racy second half. The first 40 mins were establishing Joe’s problem and how it grows big. However, it feels like event developed a tad slowly. It would have been wise if they could have elaborated the climax a bit more and reduced scenarios in the first 40 mins. The major drawback of the first 40 mins is the lack dialogues and the scenes that are filled with slow motions.

The major asset of the film is its technical aspects. The first and key mentioning should be awarded to Grant McPhee’s cinematography. Throughout the movie the visuals are very appealing. Alec Cheer and Drew Wright’s music tied with the visual for the best feature of the film. It is this perfect combo keeps us watching through the first half. Ben McKinstrie gets both praising and blaming. Ben’s editing is also partly responsible for the dragging of first 40 mins and he is also responsible for some of the best jump cuts throughout the movie.

Kitty Colquhoun as Emma, Hanna Stanbridge as Sarah and Patrick O’Brien as Joe are the key performers on screen. All three have put in a great effort, however, Patrick had the most opportunity to score and score he did.

The film was directed by Grant McPhee. He has made out an impeccable work getting the best out of the squad. It would have been an extraordinary effort if he also sought to make the initial part of the movie more engaging.

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