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Interview : TF1 'Sarah's Room' Patrick O'Brien Discusses Acting in a Micro Budget Fe

Neil Rolland Interviewed Patrick O'Brien for his role in TF1 ' Sarah's Room' for an article in 2014

Patrick O’Brien plays the lead role of Joe in Sarah’s Room. In this interview he discusses the role and how he adapted to shooting over 5 days.

Please tell us a little about yourself and how you go involved in Sarah’s Room?

As you can tell by the brogue I’m originally Irish. I’m from a small border town in Ulster called Ballybay. Not much really happens there but it was a great place to grow up. I came to Scotland when I was 22, the usual story boy meets girl and moved to Glasgow and I have been living here on and off since then. I started acting about 5 years ago… its taken over my life but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I worked with Grant on a previous project calledBack Home, we hit it off and Grant then asked me if I would be interested in getting involved with Sarah’s Room so I immediately jumped and the chance.

Please tell us a bit about your character?

Joe is a private person, he likes to keep himself to himself. Joe’s home is his castle and he is not happy about having to share his flat with the new lodger Sarah. He is struggling to maintain a hold on his life since returning home after an undisclosed incident which has effected him pretty badly. He sees Sarah as a threat to him and Emma. He feels she is consuming Emma. He is also attracted to Sarah and really struggles with this as I think he feels very guilty about it which may explain why he wants her out of the house.

How did you prepare for this shoot? How did it differ from any other film you have worked on?

It differs because I have worked on short films with a longer shoot time than this so it was very hectic but exciting. As for prep… I spent a couple of weeks learning the script and working on some ideas for the character of Joe but when the cameras are rolling you just got to hope it comes out how you imagined it.

How difficult was it to make a film in 5 days?

Difficult ! … It’s near bloody impossible but somehow we managed it. I think that’s a lot to do with the incredible crew.

What have you learned from your experience on Sarah’s Room?

Every time I work on a feature film, short film or do an audition I learn. Every shoot is different and every director is different. I think you need to be prepared and you need to be bold…. Jesus that sounds wanky, what I mean is you should not be afraid to try stuff.

What advice would you give to anyone considering taking part in a low-budget Scottish feature film?

Go for it… sure what else would you be doing.

By Neil Rolland

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