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CrowdFunder : TF5 'Where Do We Go From Here?' - Crowd Funding Campaign

It's now a little part of our history but to find out where it all started you can check out the CrowdFunding Page and Campaign.

Short Summary

Welcome to our Indiegogo page!

We would like to thank you for visiting our page and taking an interest in our project. As you will have seen from our little video, we are a multi-award winning team with three International award winning short films. We hope that it shows how much we like to have fun and love what we do, but we also take our work very seriously and are a team of industry professionals with a solid work ethic.

What We Need & What You Get

• We are currently working our socks off to get funding for our first feature film and one of our key avenues is this Indiegogo Campaign, for which we have tried to make the perks as fun as possible!

• We are making a micro budget feature, but working with professional cast, crew and equipment and we need some money to make sure that we not only make the best film that we can for our audience and backers, but to treat our team ethically! The money we raise will go towards feeding, watering and making sure that everyone is looked after on the shoot.

• We will also be using the money to gain access to the most compatible equipment for the job and for our Costume Department, Art Department, Make Up Department and Locations.

• We hope that our unique perks work for you and some examples of these are: Digital download of the original soundtrack to the film, a walk on part for you or a loved one – or you can even try the 'Russian Roulette' perk!

• We also want to say that we will use all donations with the greatest of care and gratitude.

The Impact

"Where Do We Go From Here?" is currently in it’s 4th draft stage and has received exceeding positive feedback. We believe that it is a beautiful script and our greatest undertaking yet. Before we tell you a little about the impact you can make by donating to the film, let us tell you a bit about the story.

James and James Senior are best friends. Grandson and Grandfather, charge and guardian, Little and Large, but when the tables turn and James Senior if forced into a care home, James Junior finds a way to be by his side. As the new resident Janitor, he and his grandfather are closer than ever and their little family unit blossoms into an unlikely menage of dysfunctional oldies who unite against the iron rule of the heartless Ms. Thompson.

Alas James’s world implodes when his beloved Grandfather must depart. Lost and alone, James clings to the only family that he has left and continues to stumble along working in the home, detached from the world outside.

Six months on and 178 Diagnosis: Murder’s later, pretty nurse Jen joins the antiquated staff team and James is smitten. How can he get close to this guarded beauty and stand up to the oppressive Ms. Thompson? It has to be a rougish breakout road trip to scatter his Grandfather’s ashes, leaving no man behind!

On a journey of self discovery, where they all learn that you cant put a sell by date on adventure (or say BINGO in a hall full of pensioners), can James finally find his newfound love for life, or will Ms. Thompson crush his hopes once and for all?

This is a story about friendship, self discovery and romance with some of the most entertaining and colourful characters that we have had the pleasure of creating. By donating to this project we believe that you will be a part of something very special and we promise that we will do everything we can to deliver a fantastic film that we can all be proud of.

We can’t make this film without funding so the impact that our backers have by donating any amount is absolutely massive and so greatly appreciated.

Other Ways You Can Help

We do of course understand that sometimes it is not possible to contribute financially so we would also like to stress that we would love to have your support in any way.

If you are able to spread the word and let people know about the film then that is a huge help to us and the Indiegogo share tools are easy as pie to use!!

If you have enjoyed finding out about our film “Where Do We Go From Here?” then please share share share!

Again, we would like to thank you very much for taking the time to have a look at our page!

You can link to the full crowdfunding IndieGoGo Page Here:

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