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Article : TF5 - 'Where Do We Go From Here?' Greig Stott Preview.

Filmmaker Greig Stott has written a very nice preview about John and Where Do We Go From Here? and the success of the Crowd Funder.

Written and directed by John McPhail (28, from Glasgow), with producersAndrew Lanni and Lauren Lamarr - Where Do We Go From Here? is being shot in various locations across Scotland, featuring a very talented and experienced cast. After making his very first short film "Notes" in March 2013 - McPhail and his team at Worrying Drake have had a bit of a whirlwind past 17 months or so, having their short films played to festivals and audiences in many different countries and cities in Europe and North America. They have picked up several awards and high praise from critics and film festival audiences alike. I first came across John McPhail's work by chance last September when I watched his amusing and cute short film "Just Say Hi". This funny short film scooped two prestigious awards (The Nikon People's Choice and The Tivo Award) at the VM Shorts (a UK short film competition ran by Virgin Media). I had such a strong feeling about "Just Say Hi" very early on and I was delighted for them to win these awards.

The "Where Do We Go From Here" project got the kick start it needed with the Worrying Drake team's INDIE GOGO campaign in which they raised over £10,000 with contributions from friends, family, fans and other people from many different countries. This successful fund raising campaign proved many people's belief in them and it also gave them that little peace of mind and enabled them to get access to some top professional equipment, people, locations and catering on board also.

The film also features Grant McPhee as Director of Photography, whose impressive credits include working on big films such as "Under The Skin"and "One Day" amongst others.

I am very excited to see the finished product on this film as I truly believe in the creative talents and vision behind the project. It really is great to see wonderful films being made in Scotland and such exciting work being created on the Independent Scottish film scene. Keep an eye out for more updates soon and you can also check out the film's official facebook page.

You can link to the original article here:

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