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Review : TF2 - 'Take it Back...' over at STV

Pamela Tulloch has written a review for Tartan Features 2 - 'Take it Back and Start All Over' at STV Edinburgh.

It was a light-bulb moment during a screening of Donnie Darko at Cameo Cinema that shaped Neil Rolland’s career.

He dropped out of his degree the next day and signed up to study film.

For the past ten years, the Screen Academy Scotland graduate has been working in film production and education.

The 32 year old has a string of short films to his name and an even longer list of events he has been instrumental in setting up such as Write Shoot Cut - a platform dedicated to showcasing independent film from Scotland and beyond.

While not working at Screen Education Edinburgh, the writer and director has spent the past few years crafting his own ideas in several short films.

You can read the full article here:

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