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How To : TF2 ' Take it Back...' Neil Rolland Reveals How He Made His Feature in this excell

Neil Rolland Reveals how he made Tartan Feature 2 - Take it Back and Start All Over - and he's written a guide so you can do too!.


In September 2013 I returned to Edinburgh from running the Bootleg Film Festival in New York with my good friend Tom Wilton. Bootleg was a festival that had been around for 5 years supporting undiscovered filmmakers who made great films on a shoestring. Tom himself had made 5 feature films on no budget at that point and on a wave of excitement & inspiration I knew I had to make a feature film but didn't know how it was going to happen.

On October 13th 2013 Grant McPhee, a Scottish filmmaker who had made his own feature film that screened at Bootleg, contacted me and encouraged me to shoot a feature. Grant offered the support of himself as cinematographer and all the film equipment he owned. It was an incredibly generous offer and as I read the message I knew if I said no to this that I would never ever make another film. So in an instant I answered the only think he could; "yes, okay, let's do it".

Grant said he had a window for filming in late December, early January so I looked at my diary and pencilled in the shooting dates of December 9th-13th 2013. This was done without a script, a cast, a crew, money or any real clue how to make it all work.I just knew I had the support of Grant and the dates we were shooting. As a screenwriter primarily, I knew what I needed next was a good script. So the first thing I did was to try and create that.

The full article can be seen here:

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