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Whaam! Shorts Two - Sheepo

SHEEPO (2015), Whaam! Shorts Two.

The next Whaam! Short is 'Sheepo', a fantastic documentary from director Ian Robertson and producer Steven Donnelly on a very unusual subject – sheep shearing.

Speed, precision, endurance. Sheep-shearing can be cut-throat and one sheep behind may as well be one hundred. Plunged into the moment, shearer Archie Paterson shares the intensity of the challenge and his searing competitive streak.

Another highmark of the 'just-get-out-there-and-do-it' philosophy that we love, Sheepo managed to achieve the seemingly impossible and receive Creative Scotland funding. Not only that, it proved to be a big festival success. Sheepo more than punches above it's weight in terms of it's success actually - Glasgow and Edinburgh Short Film Festival's and The prestigious Sheffield Documentary Film Festival being two of it 2015 peaks.

Sheepo more than fits the growing list of 'I can do this too' approach successes to filmmaking which we will be celebrating. Ten films made over the last couple of years in Scotland – all with one common theme -Celebrating the independent filmmaker and demonstrating that you too can make a successful film if you put your mind to it.

Publicly funded, privately funded or self funded. Big budget or no budget. Lavishly made or shot on a ten year old camera phone, we don't care. All we want to do is bring together the ten best films made under one attitude, that of 'I don't need permission'.

And after those ten existing films have been selected we will make ten original Whaam! Shorts with that same can-do attitude and success.

We like dogs but we also love sheep – and Sheepo is a fantastic film. Watch the link in the comments below and read the exclusive interview with Producer Steven Donnelly about how they made, funded and released Sheepo.


Whaam! Shorts.

Whaam! Shorts Two - Sheepo Whaam! Shorts One - Notes

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