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Introducing Whaam! Short's - Tartan Feature's little sister.

Whaam! Shorts

Tartan Features has been a little quiet of late. Other than being very busy with our other lives there's a good reason for this – we've been expanding.

Tartan Features, under the Year Zero Filmmaking umbrella now has a little sister. We've called her Whaam! Shorts.

Whaam! Shorts shares the same ideology as Tartan Features – films made with the same DIY spirit, uncompromising attitude, a vision to think big and the tenacity to get something made - no matter what gets in your way.

We've selected 10 Scottish shorts made over the last couple of years that perfectly sum up our vision for the future of Emerging Scottish Filmmaking. 10 Films which will kickstart our continuing revolution to show what can be done with a few friends, an idea and a camera.

These films have all been made by teams and individuals who have demonstrated they can create successful and exciting films on their own terms – funded or not. And importantly from a completely diverse background.

Over the next few weeks we will present the ten films to you, with Q+As, behind-the-scenes and in many cases the films themselves. The idea is simply to inspire you, and for us together to present to an industry what can be achieved when you realise you can take control of your filmmaking career.

In the longer term we have some exciting plans for where Whaam! Shorts will head, and how it will become the real home of emerging film talent in Scotland.

In the meantime here is Whaam! One – Notes by John McPhail, which we believe is a perfect way to introduce a new film strand. A strand which aims to move us all beyond the current bland and slow moving short film system we currently have.

Whaam Shorts One – Notes.

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