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The Crews was a DIY Indepent TV Pilot written by Kolin Ferguson and Colin Ross Smith. 

The Crews follows the exploits of two gangsters, Mick Turner and Tommy Granger. One whose goal is to leave the life of crime and the other who is slowly being pulled back into the life and the exploits of the police who are watching these two crews.

The Crews starred Jim Sweeney, Robert Lee-harrison and Sean O'Kane. Along with an impressive ensemble cast The Crews featured guest roles from actors such as David Hayman, Stephen McCole and a cameo from world Snooker Champion John Higgins. 


Originaly released on youtube The Crews  picked up interest from STV through

salesman John Stewart who brought the show to their attention. 


In May 2016 The Crews premiered on STVs Regional Channels

STV Glasgow/Edinburgh (later rebranded as STV2).

It was broadcast in six mini parts from Monday Night through to Saturday night at 10pm. 

An omnibus edition which played the Crews in one single sitting was played on the following Monday. Over the next year The Crews was repeated occassionaly on days such as Bank Holidays.

Through its broadcast on STV this led to other local stations in Liverpool and Brighton broadcasting the show.  

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